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    Alberta lodgepol pine

    Alberta lodgepol pine (pinus contorta latifolia)

    Alberta lodgepol pine (pinus contorta latifolia)

    Lodgepole pine (pinus contorta iatifolia).

    Morphology: tree to 30m tall and 90cm in diameter, with straight trunks and narrow pyramidal, dense crown proper. The crust thickness 1-1.5cm, has a light brown color. Branches sometimes slightly curved, thin. Shoots form the polynomial growth of in 2-3 internodes, during the growing season. Blooms in the spring in may. Microstrobili yellow or yellow-pink, often elongated up to 10cm. Cones sessile, conical, oblique, with small spines, greyish – brown, 4-5cm long. Needles light green, 5-8 cm long and 1.5-1.7 cm thick, spirally twisted.

    Ecology and distribution: grows quickly, especially on damp fertile soils, and faster in Scots pine. Grows well in the warm-temperate zone of the European part of Russia. Considering the origin of seed material collected in the Northern parts of its range, lodgepole pine can be cultured and in the taiga zone. Forms a strong taproot, especially on well-drained soils.

    Homeland – North America, from Alaska in the North, through the rocky mountains in Colorado in the United States. Also growing in the provinces: Yukon, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the Northwest territories and Alberta. In the Сanadian provinces of Alberta and Yukon, in the East of its range, overlaps and forms hybrids with Jack pine. The United States is growing in the States: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, then East to the Black Hills in South Dakota. The species is common in the mountains up to the Alpine zone and in river valleys, on the hills, often on rocky soils. A decorative look. Forms a straight trunk and a dense, narrow crown, even in full light mode.

     Sources of seed for lodgepole pine In our nursery.

     1. British Columbia/Nass-Skeena Rivers

     2. British Columbia/Cariboo Transition

     3. Montana/Kootenai National Forest


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