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    Rocky Mountain yelloy pine

    Rocky Mountain yelloy pine (pinus scopulorum Engelm).

    Morphology: a tree 15-30m tall and 90cm in trunk diameter. Bark black-grey, with longitudinal furrows. Deep in cracks of bark of orange color. Crown in his youth, conical, then broadly conical, sometimes crown trees the rare. The branches on the ends of the shoots rise up. Needles bluish-green 10 -16 cm in length, rather rigid, margin slightly toothed, located on 2-3 pieces together.Young shoots are light green, with a blue tint, then become light brown. Cones solitary or in 2 pieces, collected in a whorl, 5-8 cm long, green at first, Mature gray-brown.

    Ecology: drought-resistant and hardy pine trees. Withstands temperatures to -40 degrees Celsius. In nature, it grows in the steppe zone of the great plains and rocky mountains of the United States of America. Morphologically and ecologically almost no different from yellow pine, the main difference is expressed in smaller sizes of all generative bodies and less growth. The first 5-6 years it grows slowly, then the rate of growth increases. To soils is not demanding. Prefers sandy, dry to moderately moist, well-warmed, light soil neutral, or slightly alkaline soil. Grows poorly on wet soils. Grows poorly in humid climates. Need a large area and a lot of sunlight for normal development. Very decorative pine.


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